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About the Blog

Remember all that social-emotional learning you got in school? That useful stuff on thoughts, feelings, behaviors, dreams, relationships, good times, bad times, and generally how to human?

JUST KIDDING! That probably never happened.

Welcome to Alive & Awake, mini-musings on being a person. Tune in for tiny “How To’s” from a therapist who wishes we had all been taught this stuff. Digestible thought-essays on ubiquitous aspects of the human experience, rounded out with pragmatic suggestions to try or resources to engage further.

Check it out, then let me know what you’d find useful. I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

About Me

I'm Natalie, a psychotherapist near Boston, MA. When I'm not blogging, I spend time seeing patients, writing poetry, and learning to play the ukulele.

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